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For nearly 30 years, Rokee has always adhered to the road of innovation. Using our full understanding of this unique product and years of manufacturing experience, we have continuously optimized the design and manufacture of our universal joint shaft products to supply various industrial fields with our Cost-effective and high-performance products.

Our products are widely used and have many impressive records. From micro products for modern logistics, artificial intelligence machinery, light products used in the paper industry, high speed and high performance products for engineering and railway vehicles, to super heavy duty products used in metallurgical rolling system systems, Rokee has won us with mature products and quality Long-term trust of customers, widely exported to Europe, America and other parts of the world.

We have 4 series of nearly 100 standard models and various extended design products based on this for our customers to choose,Torque from *** to ***, diameter from 58mm to 1200mm, ranging from light products to super heavy-duty products, the service field covers almost all transmission occasions.

All standard products of Rokee are optimized design products based on the combination of decades of experience and computer design technology.,The products we are proud of are not only different from the national technical standards of China but also the standards of other manufacturers in the world. Unique design ideas and make perfection more perfect sprit drive our products find a better balance between lower price and rotational and transmission torque performance.

Rokee's standardized products also mean faster delivery and easier spare parts availability as well as quick maintenance service.

The cardan shaft products used in important equipment and core industrial fields have not only undergone careful design, but also comprehensive torque, stiffness, balance performance and life tests.

ROWS Small Duty Cardan Shaft

Mainly used in transmission occasions with high speed requirements, excellent dynamic balance performance and small torque.

ROWM Medium Duty Cardan Shaft

Mainly used in transmission occasions with high speed requirements, dynamic balance performance requirements, and medium torque.

ROWH Heavy Duty Cardan Shaft

Mainly used in heavy-duty transmission occasions with large torque, complex load and low speed.

ROWL Supper Heavy Duty Cardan Shaft

Mainly used in large equipment machinery with particularly heavy load, large torque and complex working conditions.

SWC Universal Couplings

SWC universal coupling adopts integrated fork head layout, with the rotary diameter of 1600mm and torque transmission distance of more than 30m. It is widely used in steel rolling machinery, crane transport machinery and other heavy equipment fields.

SWP Universal Couplings

SWP universal coupling adopts integrated fork head layout. Similar to the use of the SWC universal coupling, it is mainly used in the field of heavy-duty large equipment, with a rotary diameter of up to 1200mm.

Due to its unique structure, cardan shaft can realize the connection of two axes when the drive shaft and the driven shaft are not on the same axis, and there is a large axial angle error, reliably transmit torque and compensate for angular, axial and radial errors. Excellent comprehensive compensation ability makes cardan shaft become irreplaceable transmission components in the field of industrial drives, which are widely used in various torque transmission systems.

Small design universal shafts are mainly used in precision machinery and control mechanisms, medium-sized cardan shafts are used in most locomotives, light industrial machinery, precision metallurgical industry and lifting industries, heavy and supper heavy cardan shafts are mostly used in metallurgical industry, heavy machinery and large-scale test equipment.

In addition to the necessary functions, the selection of cardan shafts must also take into account all personal and equipment safety and service life factors. In addition, under the premise of ensuring reliability, try to choose a smaller size to further reduce the weight of the equipment and improve the economy. For products larger than a certain specification and beyond the length standard, it is also necessary to consider and check the critical speed.

Following the following selection principles and steps, you can find suitable cardan shaft products in most applications. For particularly complex products that require more precise sizing, consult a Rokee engineer for additional assistance.