Steel Lamina Coupling | Diaphragm Coupling

Steel Lamina Coupling,Diaphragm Couplings

The lamina coupling is an efficient flexible coupling with no back clearance and free from maintenance. Due to its unique structural design, it can achieve the perfect delivery of torque. Meanwhile, it has excellent performances, including large axial and radial compensation ability, low reply feedback force and wide thermal adaptability, etc. With different change design, it can be applied at most power transmission sites.

Rokee's RL series steel lamina coupling is a high-quality product developed independently on basis of combination of advanced products from Europe and Japan, etc. It has smaller size, larger torque of the same model, more reasonable proportioning size, large compensation scope, light weight and small rotational inertia. With modularized design, it’s easy for assembly, maintenance and replacement. Its performance far exceeds the one of JM series product. It’s widely applied in the fields of fan systems, turboset and other pumps, etc.

Steel Lamina Coupling,Diaphragm Couplings
  • Lamina sets of all models of lamina couplings are designed and verified through FEM optimization.

  • With the special taper nut design, the assembly of lamina set and shaft sleeve is more excellent and reliable.

  • Some specific models are in innovative locknut design, preventing the looseness and unloading force of nuts.

  • Various lamina couplings have outstanding anti-explosion performance, applicable to various sites with specific anti-explosion requirements.
    For the sites with special requirement for anti-explosion, the connection mode of coupling and equipment may be changed.

  • The hole connection part of bolts and lamina set is in special flexible cushion cover, greatly reducing stress concentration at the hole edge position, eliminating the tear and damage of lamina and extending the service life.