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Rokee has been established in China for more than 22 years. Since our establishment, we have been working consistently to implement our business philosophy of innovation and service to serve many partners in China and around the world. With strong pursuit for quality and innovation, we have developed rapidly and become a well-known high-quality supplier of couplings and technical services in China.
Steel Laminae Coupling,Diaphragm Couplings

Steel Laminae Couplings

The lamina coupling is an efficient flexible coupling with no back clearance and free from maintenance. Due to its unique structural design, it can achieve the perfect delivery of torque. Meanwhile, it has excellent performances, including large axial and radial compensation ability, low reply feedback force and wide thermal adaptability, etc. With different change design, it can be applied at most power transmission sites.

Rokee's RL series steel lamina coupling is a high-quality product developed independently on basis of combination of advanced products from Europe and Japan, etc. It has smaller size, larger torque of the same model, more reasonable proportioning size, large compensation scope, light weight and small rotational inertia. With modularized design, it’s easy for assembly, maintenance and replacement. Its performance far exceeds the one of JM series product. It’s widely applied in the fields of fan systems, turboset and other pumps, etc.

Curved-tooth Gear Couplings,Drum Gear Couplings

Curved-tooth Gear Couplings

As the gear type flexible coupling, it can be applied into various general drive sites. Due to the special hook face drum gear design, in the definitive deviation scope, it can effectively avoid the edge stress concentration at tooth meshing, so it has outstanding radial and angular centering capacity. Moreover, it can ensure long service life.

ROD series drum gear coupling is one of Rokee’s core technical products. It has compact and reasonable structure, light weight, small hole-position fitting draw ratio, large pressure angle design, accurate centering and excellent speed performance. The bolt design has been standardized in series, the universality of parts is good and its service life far exceeds the one of domestic products.

Universal Shaft,Universal Couplings,Universal Joint Coupling

Universal Joint Couplings

For nearly 30 years, Rokee has always adhered to the road of innovation. Using our full understanding of this unique product and years of manufacturing experience, we have continuously optimized the design and manufacture of our universal joint shaft products to supply various industrial fields with our Cost-effective and high-performance products.

Our products are widely used and have many impressive records. From micro products for modern logistics, artificial intelligence machinery, light products used in the paper industry, high speed and high performance products for engineering and railway vehicles, to super heavy duty products used in metallurgical rolling system systems, Rokee has won us with mature products and quality Long-term trust of customers, widely exported to Europe, America and other parts of the world.

We have 4 series of nearly 100 standard models and various extended design products based on this for our customers to choose,Torque from *** to ***, diameter from 58mm to 1200mm, ranging from light products to super heavy-duty products, the service field covers almost all transmission occasions.

All standard products of Rokee are optimized design products based on the combination of decades of experience and computer design technology.,The products we are proud of are not only different from the national technical standards of China but also the standards of other manufacturers in the world. Unique design ideas and make perfection more perfect sprit drive our products find a better balance between lower price and rotational and transmission torque performance.

Rokee's standardized products also mean faster delivery and easier spare parts availability as well as quick maintenance service.

The cardan shaft products used in important equipment and core industrial fields have not only undergone careful design, but also comprehensive torque, stiffness, balance performance and life tests.

Flexible Couplings,Elastic Couplings

Flexible Couplings

Elastic couplings are integrally formed metal elastomers, usually cut from metal circular rods. Commonly used materials include aluminum alloy, stainless steel, and engineering plastics, which are suitable for various deviations and precise torque transmission.

The elastic coupling contains an elastic compound of pre pressed rubber, which can provide additional strength and extend its service life. This coupling can accommodate all types of deviations. The wheel hub material is high-strength aluminum alloy, which is lightweight and corrosion-resistant. The rubber component is mainly used for shock absorption, making power transmission smooth and quiet, thereby protecting the driving force and driving the machine.

Customized Coupling

Rokee can produce customized couplings according to the drawings provided by customers

Rokee Based on China and facing the world, More than 22 years for customers to provide more than one million sets of various technical standards of excellent quality coupling products, service to the high-end market demand.

Due to excellent quality, complete technical services and superior cost performance, Rokee couplings have been serving more than 60 countries and regions in the world, effectively operating in many corners of the world.

With our rich experience and technical reserve, We can design and produce most of the coupling products with different standards and different use requirements, no matter they are large or small as beads.

In addition to providing couplings for ordinary industries, Rokee also provides many high-end industrial fields, such as nuclear power generation, steam turbine, wind power generation, high-speed railway, Marine engineering ships, ropeway construction, etc., providing high performance and high technology content couplings and establishing many technical standards that it is proud of.

Tell Rokee what you need, Our professional engineers will respond immediately and work with you to select and calculate more suitable coupling products to better realize your shafting drive idea.

Transfer of motivation to achieve you and me, We hold the belief that there is no future without quality, and insist on doing our best to use quality to carry our common future with you.