Drum Gear Coupling | Curved-tooth Gear Coupling

Curved-tooth Gear Couplings,Drum Gear Coupling

As the gear type flexible coupling, it can be applied into various general drive sites. Due to the special hook face drum gear design, in the definitive deviation scope, it can effectively avoid the edge stress concentration at tooth meshing, so it has outstanding radial and angular centering capacity. Moreover, it can ensure long service life.

ROD series drum gear coupling is one of Rokee’s core technical products. It has compact and reasonable structure, light weight, small hole-position fitting draw ratio, large pressure angle design, accurate centering and excellent speed performance. The bolt design has been standardized in series, the universality of parts is good and its service life far exceeds the one of domestic products.

Curved-tooth Gear Couplings,Drum Gear Coupling
  • The gear sleeve at both sides is in the structure of locating ring and uniform parts are used. In addition, the sealing is excellent and easy.
  • Gears of all series products are applied with larger pressure angle design. The product design is more reasonable and quality is reliable. The gear backlash is reasonable.
  • All ROD series drum type gear couplings are designed in optimization, the structure is more compact and the proportion of hole diameter and length is more coordinated and reliable.
  • Light weight and small rotational inertia.
  • It’s made of high-quality alloy forged steel.
  • It’s very applicable to the sites with anti-explosion requirements.
  • The bolt size of adjacent models is the same and the installation is more convenient.
  • Coupling parts of same model can be exchanged for installation.